Quality policy

V-NASS, Ltd. quality policy is based on vision and strategy of our company when always at the beginning of all, is our endeavor to understand the needs of our customer in a complex way and foresee their needs in advance. It goes hand in hand with excellent qualification of our personnel and because of them; we can go forward to the highest standards of our products. Quality policy (QP) is being checked and held with a support of quality goals, which are set in exact tasks for a period of 1 year. All our employees are informed with our QP. Quality policy document is a document which is displayed in all specialized sections of our company.


Calibration of measuring devices for our needs as well as for needs of our external customers, is covered by our Check metrology department (CMD) and Experienced calibration laboratory (ECL) no. 2297 in a field "length and plane angle" (calibration concludes repairs of devices which have malfunctioned in measuring).

3 coordinate system measuring device, which is used by our external customers to measure complicated parts and templates.

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