Our history

1917 Establishing of company under the name of engineering plant for producing mining device in Engineering plant Vitkovice.
1945-1950 Manufacturing of pneumatic tools and machines.
1951-1995 Transferring into potting shed, manufacture of tools for Vitkovice Company.
1995 Establishing VITKOVICE NASS, Ltd. with 100% share of VÍTKOVICE, Inc.
1997 Selling 100% of assets from VÍTKOVICE, Inc. to V-NASS, Ltd.
1998 Overcome of turnover 5 mil. USD
1997-2000 Consolidation of company, manufacture of exact machine parts, concentrating on export policy (15%)
2000-2004 Dynamic development and purchasing of new technologies, export reached 50%, supplies to Europe and North America.
2006 Company is awarded, COMPANY OF A YEAR, Moravia - Slezian region, export reached 75%, supplies to South America and Asia.
2008 50% of the total business turnover is focussed on "subsea" branch, 30% on the nucler energy branch and 20% on the metallurgical industry.
2009 The company begins to develop production of prefab units, performs pressure testing of sub-sea equipment. It moves from production of parts to offering complex production and services required by the customer.
2011 Change of the legal form to the joint-stock company within January 1, 2011.
2014 In this year our company received an award “Supplier of the year” from our greatest customer – FMC.
2014-2015 After 20 years of its existence the company exceeds sales limit amounting to 400 mil. CZK and reaches 90 % of sales on export.

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