Ethics code

  • We are still a leader in the branch and we always emphasize quality of our products and timekeeping
  • Priority in our work is to be excellent, which means we always want to achieve the best results possible
  • We think positive, our problems are our opportunities
  • Team work - we can get the best results by cooperating with colleagues and customers
  • We listen to the others,  basement of every job is a good relationship, mutual respect and listening to specific needs
  • We always do our job properly
  • Excellence -  we try to reach excellence via looking for new opportunities and ideas, constant innovation and mutual motivation
  • Employee´s responsibility -  every employee is responsible for himself as well as for whole company because he represents his company by highquality work, handling situations and his performance
  • Fair play -  we always want to play fair and keep an open communication, we act directly and honestly because company´s success is our success as well.
  • We keep our promise, towards our colleagues, other employees and whole company
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